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WWIII: Warsaw Pact

WWIII: Warsaw Pact

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Warsaw Pact
Though there are distinct differences between nations of the Warsaw Pact and their Soviet “big brother”, the forces of the Warsaw Pact are more homogenous than those of NATO, where different nation's military suppliers and governments have more influence on the purchase of military equipment. The Poles, as well as the Czechoslovaks, had their own indigenous arms industry and produced much of their own weapons, equipment, and vehicles. However, the Soviet Union still had a heavy influence on much of this equipment.

The East Germans, the Polish, and Czechoslovaks make up what is known as the Warsaw Pact’s “Northern Tier” by NATO and are the most prominent Warsaw Pact nations to be facing the NATO forces in West Germany.

One of the main differences between the East Germans, Czechoslovaks, Poles, and the Soviets army is their ratings.

Inside You will Find: Background on the East German army, 9. Panzerdivision, and Panzer Bataillon 2; Czechoslovak 1st and 4th Armies, and 1. Tanková Divize; and the Polish People’s Army and 20 Dywizja Pancerna, Instructions on how to build East German, Czechoslovak, and Polish T-72B tank battalions, T-72M tank battalions, T-55AM2 tank battalions, BMP motor rifle battalions, wheeled motor rifle battalions, and a Soviet T-72B Tank Battalion, A detailed painting guide to help you prepare your Warsaw Pact forces for combat, Two Scenarios to test your skills with your Warsaw Pact forces.

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