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Volksgrenadier 7.5cm Gun Platoon

Volksgrenadier 7.5cm Gun Platoon

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The Volksgrenadier divisions are among the first to receive a new generation of infantry guns. The 7.5cm PaK50 is a more sophisticated gun based on the 5cm PaK38 breach with a new 7.5cm gun barrel on the light 5cm PaK38 trail. It has almost the same power as the 7.5cm PaK40 but uses a large muzzle brake to prevent the weapon from being ripped apart every time it fires. PaK50 infantry gun is lighter, being based on the trail of the 5cm PaK38 anti-tank gun. They are highly mobile, so they can keep up with and support assaults with the direct fire of high explosives or by firing bombardments to keep the enemy's heads down.

Includes two metal 7.5cm Guns with the crew.

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