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The Witcher: Mages Expansion

The Witcher: Mages Expansion

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Academies in Aretuza and Ban Ard have been training magically gifted children to become powerful magicians for years. Wizards inspire admiration or fear, and are no strangers to political intrigue. They hunt monsters. Not for trophies, but rather to obtain valuable ingredients necessary to brew options.

Become a valuable mage, and learn the secret of magic to achieve the title of the most potent wizard on the Continent!.

  • Play as a Powerful Mage - Choose one of the five new Mage characters to play as, learn about their unique abilities, and use the new Energy mechanic!.

  • Learn the Secrets of Magic - Use the unique and dedicated mage action cards to learn powerful spells and build a deck that lets you emerge victorious from dangerous fights!.

  • Put Witchers in Their Place - Hunt monsters to gain the magical ingredients necessary to prepare powerful potions. Get fame and reputation that even witchers can only dream about!
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