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The Witcher: Legendary Hunt

The Witcher: Legendary Hunt

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Some Monsters are so powerful and fierce that they spread fear and destruction around them, city after city. Killing such a dangerous beast would turn every witcher into a living legend; however, not all witchers are able to cope with such a daring challenge!

Take part in the Legendary Hunt and stand face-to-face with the most powerful beasts wandering the Continent!

  • Face New Monsters - Powerful monsters such as the Frightener, Ice Giant, and Golem appear in the game! Brand new fight cards make them extremely demanding opponents.

  • Save the World - Legendary monsters roam the world, destroying cities in their wake. Do not let them bring the entire Continent to ruin!

  • Prepare Yourself for the Epic Final Fight - To win, you'll need to develop your skills to stand any chance against the legendary monster. The witcher who defeats the beast will be the winner. . .stay determined!
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