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PAVN 82mm Recoilless Rifle Company

PAVN 82mm Recoilless Rifle Company

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The B-10 recoilless rifle (Bezotkatnojie orudie-10, known as the RG82 in East German service is a Soviet 82 mm smoothbore recoilless rifle It could be carried on the rear of a BTR-50 armored personnel carrier. It was a development of the earlier SPG-82 and entered Soviet service during 1954. During the Vietnam war the PAVN was supplied with Chinese Type 65 & 65-1 which were simply lighter variants. The B-10/Type 65 could fire a 7.75 pound HE-FRAG explosive shell to a maximum of 4,500 meters, but the 8.5 pound HEAT warhead was only effective to about 400 meters

Contains 6x 82mm weapon teams.

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