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Necromunda: Rulebook

Necromunda: Rulebook

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This 336-page hardback book contains:

– Lore of Necromunda: Learn about the locales and locals of this nightmare world.

– Core Rules: Updated and revised core rules for the game of Necromunda. 

– Founding a Gang: Rules for creating, equipping, expanding, and updating a gang of your own.

– Dominion Campaign: A comprehensive campaign system, allowing you to advance your gangs and fight over valuable territories.

– Battlefields & Scenarios: Learn how to set up your battlefields in the underhive or ash wastes.

– Arbitrator’s Toolkit: An expanded Arbitrator’s Toolkit, with rules to help you shape the perfect campaign and story.

– Gang Tactics & Skills: A complete set of core Gang Tactics and general Skills.

– The Trading Post: The complete Trading Post, with rules for buying, selling, and using a huge variety of weapons, armor, wargear, bionics, accessories, chems, companions, and more.

This book provides the core rules for games of Necromunda. You'll find the rules for specific gangs in other Necromunda "House of..." or "Book of..." supplements, which are available separately.

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