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Memoir '44 Tactics & Strategy Guide

Memoir '44 Tactics & Strategy Guide

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Memoir '44 fans now have a definitive reference tool with Alexis Beuve's Tactics & Strategy Guide! With the careful study of core principles, key concepts, and the 139 scenarios and 4 annotated games included, novices and veterans alike can improve and enhance their Memoir '44 gameplay. Learn to read the battle map, effectively maneuver troops, anticipate opponents' moves and gauge their relative strengths and weaknesses, as well as discover how to manage the medal count and control the flow of the game—all keys to victory. Regardless of the battle front and type of terrain, victory will be within your reach. No matter how bloody the engagement, and regardless of your cards or dice rolls, learn how to triumph "against all odds"!

This product is an expansion: base game required to play

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