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Magna Rack Plug Set

Magna Rack Plug Set

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The Magna Rack was designed for those gamers who like to store and transport their miniatures magnetized upright and free from other materials.  Magna Racks can be assembled in many different ways using these Magna Rack Spacer Legs. 

4x Bottom Plugs and 4x Top Caps or Plugs are required for each Magna Racks kit assembly. 2 inch Short Legs with Top Caps create a flush top tray when assembled. Any sized spacer leg (excluding 2 inch short spacer legs) with the Top Plug create a 1/2 inch space on the top tray.

With this set, you will receive four Top Plugs, Bottom Plugs or Top Caps

These ensure that the Magna Racks fit snug together and add extra stability.

These Cap and Plugs work with all Magna Rack Trays.

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