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Heirs of The Emperor (Hardback)

Heirs of The Emperor (Hardback)

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A Horus Heresy Anthology

A collection of three anthologies, bringing together 26 tales centred around the primarchs, the sons of the Emperor of Mankind and de facto generals of the Legiones Astartes.

This anthology includes the following short stories:
– The Passing of Angels, by John French
– The Abyssal Edge, by Aaron Dembski-Bowdwn
– Mercy of The Dragon, by Nick Kyme
– Shadow of the Past, by Gav Thorpe
– The Emperor's Architect, by Guy Haley
– The Ancient Awaits, by Graham McNeill
– Misbegotten, by Dan Abnett
– A Lesson in Iron, by David Guymer
– The Atonement of Fire, by David Annandale
– Lantern's Light, by James Swallow
– Canticle, by David Guymer
– The Verdict of the Scythe, by David Annandale
– A Game of Opposites, by Guy Haley
– Better Angels, by Ian St. Martin
– The Conqueror's Truth, by Gav Thorpe
– The Sinew of War, by Darius Hinks
– The Chamber at the End of Memory, by James Swallow
– First Legion, by Chris Wraight
– Embers of Extinction, by Brandon Easton
– Lupus Daemonis, by Graham McNeill
– Skjalds, by Nick Kyme
– The Sixth Cult of the Denied, by David Guymer
– The Will of The Legion, by Andy Clark
– Council of Truth, by Mike Brooks
– Terminus, by Chris Wraight
– Grandfather's Gift, by Guy Haley

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