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Eastern Front: Mid-war Forces

Eastern Front: Mid-war Forces

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Eastern Front really is complete, with everything a beginner needs: history and background, interesting formations, organizational information for building a force, and game stats for playing the game. Each army has a painting and basing guide, along with a beautifully illustrated catalog of the available models. It is a one-stop gaming resource for the German, Hungarian, and Romanian advances across the Russian steppes in 1942, the devastating counterattacks at Stalingrad and Rzhev at the end of the year, and the furious battle of Kursk in 1943 that finally turned the tide in the East against the Germans.

The new Eastern Front compilation is about to do for the Russian Front what North Africa did for the war in Africa. Between the new compilation and the accompanying starter and army sets, re-fighting epic mid-war battles like Stalingrad and Kursk have never been easier.

Whether you are returning to the Mid-War period or starting from scratch, the Eastern Front book has everything you need in one package. Eastern Front compiles all the existing Mid-War books for the fighting in Russia.

  • Iron Cross, Ghost Panzers, and Death from Above for the Germans
  • Enemy at the Gates and Red Banner for the Soviets
  • White Death for the Finns
  • Hungarian Steel for the Hungarians
  • Brave Romania for the Romanians
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