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Berlin: German

Berlin: German

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German Forces on the Eastern Front, 1945
The Third Reich's Last Stand

Berlin: German is a book that covers a wide variety of Formations that saw fighting in the last months of the war as the Germans attempted to hold back the Soviet juggernaut from their doorstep. They were also trying to hold back the combined onslaught of the Canadian, British, American, and French forces coming from the West.

Inside you will find background on German forces on the Western and Eastern Front from January 1945 to May 1945, instructions on how to build a Panzer Battle Group, a Clausewitz Panther (IR) Tank Company, a Clausewitz StuG Assault Gun Company, a Clausewitz Panzersturm Company, a Heavy Tank Training Company, a Tank Training Company, a Berlin Fallschirmjäger Company, and a Berlin Battle Group. In addition, there is a comprehensive Painting and Basing guide, two new Missions, and expanded Night Fighting rules.

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