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Bulge: British

Bulge: British

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Bulge: British has everything a beginner needs: history and background, interesting formations, organizational information for building a force, a painting and basing guide, and game stats for playing the game, along with a beautifully illustrated catalog. For an experienced player, it brings the opportunity to field new models, units, and formations, and some exciting upgrades on some existing formations.

Like the American book in this series, Bulge: British covers the period from the end of the Normandy Campaign until the end of the war, including the British and Canadian Armies’ participation in:

● Operation Market Garden
● Clearing the Scheldt Estuary
● Battle of the Bulge
● Clearing the Rhineland
● Crossing the Rhine
● Advance into Germany

Between this book and D-Day: British, we have the entire campaign in North-West Europe covered.

Bulge: British has ten new formations, new support options, and loads of new kits, as well as missions for aquatic adventures in the Scheldt, Rhineland, and the Rhine river itself.

The accompanying command cards allow you to tailor your Bulge: British force to more closely represent the particular divisions and the warriors that fought in them, add interesting weaponry and specialist equipment and create some of the less common formations.

For those favoring armored cars, your formation can now be organized as either an armored division’s armored car regiment or as an infantry division’s recce regiment. Armored car squadrons can field the Matador armored car (also known as the AEC armored car) for fire support, and Staghound armored cars as their headquarters or even, if you want a Canadian flavor, as a replacement for the normal Daimler armored cars.

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