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Blitzkrieg German Starter Army

Blitzkrieg German Starter Army

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Representing the classic image of the German infantryman during World War II, these miniatures are equipped with knee-high jackboots, unadorned 'coal-scuttle' helmets, and a martial discipline that took them to almost complete dominance of mainland Europe.

Whilst the glory often went to the armored knights of the panzer divisions, the infantry was the spine of the Wehrmacht. Germany's cunning use of Blitzkrieg tactics conquered Poland, swept through the Low Countries, and defeated France, before turning their attention to the Soviet Union. Soviet forces were pushed all the way to Moscow as the relentless march of Hitler's soldiers swept all before them.

Scale: 28mm - 1/56th

36 Infantry

2 Vehicles

2 Artillery Pieces/War Machines

6 Crew

Plastic  ResinMetal Parts

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