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Berlin: Soviet

Berlin: Soviet

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Background histories cover Soviet advances through Poland and into German East and West Prussia, The Soviet defeat of Romania, the Battle for Hungary, and the Vienna Offensive. All culminating in the Battle for Berlin beginning on 16 April 1945 with the Berlin Offensive.

Berlin: Soviet includes a bunch of new Formations for Soviet players to field. 

Soviet: Berlin introduces the Emcha (or M4 Sherman) to the arsenal of the Soviet Union. This lend lease American tanks were sent in large quantities to aid the Soviet war effort. This M4 Sherman “Emcha” proved popular among the Soviet tankers and was issued to the Mechanised Corps. Famous tankers like Dmitriy Loza made names for themselves while fighting in the Emcha. Both the 75mm and 76mm armed M4A2 Shermans were sent to the Soviets so there are four formations available to field the Sherman. You can build an M4 Sherman (late) Tank Battalion, M4 Sherman (76mm) Tank Battalion, Hero M4 Sherman (late) Tank Battalion, Hero M4 Sherman (76mm) Tank Battalion. These Formations each have two to three tank companies that can be either M4 Sherman (late) or M4 Sherman (76mm) tanks. In addition, one of the tank companies can be armed with British lend-lease Valentine light tanks. Like T-34 battalions, these Formations also have access to ZSU M17 anti-aircraft half-tracks, 82mm mortars, 45mm, 57mm, or 76mm anti-tank guns, and SMG infantry.

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