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World War III: Czechoslovak Unit Cards

World War III: Czechoslovak Unit Cards

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The Czechoslovaks’ recent history with the Soviets had been rocky. The liberalization movement of the Prague Spring was suppressed in 1968 by a Warsaw Pact invasion, followed by the reforming government being replaced by a more hard-line communist faction. There is some debate on how this may have impacted the performance of the Czechoslovak armed forces in any future war, but generally, by the mid-eighties, the army had recovered. However, there was a general unwillingness among the people to support an aggressive war against the west, but they were willing to fight if their country was threatened.

The Czechoslovaks have an extensive industrial base of their own that predates the closing of the Iron Curtain. They produce most of their small arms and infantry weapons, as well as indigenous designs of armored vehicles, artillery, and transport. On top of this, they also manufacture a variety of Soviet designs under license, everything from ammunition to main battle tanks. They produced T-54/55 tanks between 1958 and 1983, as well as producing T-72Ms in partnership with the Poles from 1981 to supply themselves, Poland, East Germany, and even the Soviet Union. T-72M had also been exported around the globe. The Czechoslovaks even produced the T-62 for export but never used it themselves.

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