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ARVN Walker Bulldog

ARVN Walker Bulldog

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The M41 Walker Bulldog was an American light tank developed for armed reconnaissance that was produced between 1951 and 1954 as a replacement for the aging fleet of World War II vintage M24 Chaffee tanks. Although engineered as a reconnaissance vehicle, the M41's weight and armament also made it effective in the close infantry support role and for rapid airborne deployments. Roughly 1,802 were built, but These entered service too late to take part in the Korean War.

The M41 was the first postwar American light tank to see worldwide service, and was exported in considerable numbers by the United States. In mid-1964, as part of a greater effort to introduce more modern equipment to the ARVN, the MACV proposed that the South Vietnamese Armored Corps be increased by five tank squadrons. Between January and April 1965 all ARVN M24s were replaced by M41A3s, and the M41 proved extremely popular with South Vietnamese tank crews.

Between 1965 and 1972 the U.S. had shipped 580 second-hand M41A3s to supply various ARVN tank units and replace losses sustained in combat. During the PAVN's 1975 Offensive action 300 M41s were destroyed or captured. PAVN forces used these against the ARVN during the Fall of Saigon.

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