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US Special Force Patrol

US Special Force Patrol

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To their opponents, the elite Navy SEALs (Sea, Air, and Land) were known as the “Men with Green Faces”, owing to their camouflage face paint. They come silently at night to steal away political leaders, collect intel, destroy supplies, and then disappear.

SEALs usually patrolled on their own, but they did sometimes work with larger forces for major operations. Typical patrols were seven men and a South Vietnamese interpreter, but the full platoon could be deployed if a big mission came up.

In addition to the US Navy SEAL teams in Vietnam, US Marines fielded Force RECON units, and the US Army Rangers had LRRP teams, and many pivotal battles occurred when the PAVN amassed to overrun run Special Forces camps.

48 US Navy SEALS, and 786 MACV-SOG 'Green Berets were killed in Vietnam. The highest decorated Special Forces member( and highest decorated of the Vietnam War, and it has been said  "to be the most decorated service member in the history of the United States" was without a doubt Colonel Robert Howard who in 54 months of combat in Vietnam was wounded 14 times. Nominated for the Medal of Honor four times, Sergeant First Class Howard was awarded the Medal for his actions of Dec 30th, 1968.  Howard received a direct appointment from Master Sergeant to First Lieutenant in December 1969. In addition Robert Howard was awarded eight Purple Hearts, a Distinguished Service Cross, a Silver Star, and Four Bronze Stars among additional awards.

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