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US Armored Transport Carriers (Helipad)

US Armored Transport Carriers (Helipad)

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Armored Troop Carriers (ATC), often called Tangos were modified LCM-6 landing craft  for riverine patrol missions. They were used by the Mobile Riverine Force(MRF) of the US Army and Navy. in the Vietnam War They were also used by Republic of Vietnam Navy (RVNN) to patrol the massive Mekong Delta in IV Corps.

The steel and bar armor protected from small arms fire, but was easily penetrated by RPG's, and although equipped with weapon turrets, their slow speed of only 8 knots and large complement of embarked soldiers (up to 40 troops transported) made them prime targets, and they required additional escort craft. 

Most ATC's used large canvas tents over the troop area; however, the Command and Control boat transporting the Platoon leader was typically fitted with a helipad to allow for Medevac, and resupply via helicopter. The troop well was fitted out with map tables, radios and a small surgical suite.

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