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US AH-1 Cobra Gunships

US AH-1 Cobra Gunships

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The Bell AH-1 Cobra, also referred to as the Huey Cobra or Snake, was rapidly developed as an interim Helicopter gunship in response to a more capable support option than the Huey Gunships in Vietnam.  It used the same engine, transmission and rotor system of the UH-1 Huey which had already proven itself to be a capable platform during the conflict, but paired it with a redesigned narrow fuselage, and stub wings to mount ordanance.

During June 1967, the first examples of the AH-1 entered service with the US Army and was promptly deployed to the Vietnam theatre. It commonly provided fire support to friendly ground forces, escorted transport helicopters, and flew in "hunter killer" teams by pairing with the 'Loach' scout helicopters. In the Vietnam War alone, the Cobra fleet cumulatively chalked up in excess of one million operational hours; roughly 300 AH-1s were also lost in combat.

Contains 2x Cobra helicopters.

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