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US Tropic Lightning Token Set

US Tropic Lightning Token Set

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The 25th Infantry Division (nicknamed "Tropic Lightning") was created in October 1941 from Hawaiian garrison troops.  They were awarded battle honors during the Guadalcanal, New Georgia, and Luzon campaigns. Following world War II the unit returned to Hawaii, and continued to develop jungle warfare training. the 25th fought in Korea from June 1950 until 1954, and following a MACV request committed 100 Helicopter Door Gunners to Vietnam in early 1963 becoming one of the first US combat troops to enter that conflict. When the US Marines landed at Da Nang in mid-1965 over 2,200 soldiers from the 25th were already in-country fighting, and supporting ARVN units.

Headquartered at Chu Chi, and with it's 3rd brigade at Pleiku the 25th fought in some of the toughest conflicts, and longest campaigns of the war. By the time the 25th returned to Scofield Barracks, Hawaii in 1972 over 22 Medals of Honor were awarded to the soldiers if the 'fighting strawberries' a variant of 'electric strawberry' that was a take on the units Hawaiian Taro Root leaf insignia.

Contains 20x full color tokens.



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