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On 20th June 1942 Italian and German forces attacked the British fortifications around Tobruk, a key city that sat astride the supply lines for both sides. Two Italian infantry divisions launched diversionary attacks from the west, while armored units massed in the east with more Italian infantry ready to follow up the breakthrough. The fight for Tobruk was one of the many critical battles that determined the fate of North Africa

Tobruk includes:

• Six plastic Crusader tanks
• Three plastic Grant tanks

• Three plastic M4 Sherman tanks
• Five plastic M3 Stuart tanks
• Nine plastic M14/41 tanks or Semovente assault guns
• two plastic 88mm guns and crew
• Tank Commander sprues
• One Complete A5 Flames Of War rulebook
• One printed Quick Start Guide
• Twelve Unit cards
• One 8 Million Bayonets Dice

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