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Tenfold Dungeon

Tenfold Dungeon

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Tenfold Dungeon is a no-prep required, a modular, straight-to-the-table solution suitable for a multitude of RPG's. Each set includes a unique 5e Scenario.

Castle: At the top of a cliff stands a keep. It is a dark, lonely place that the sun shines weakly upon and whose stones seem to swallow up the moonlight when night falls. And as the sun sets, the castle`s empty halls echo forth a terrible and irresistible song, the song of the siren Vaedra, hunting for more prey to feed her voracious appetite for minds. Includes 5E adventure Vaedra`s Lair.

Dungeon & Sewers: Something is stirring in the sewers under Malrenburg. For weeks now, residents of the town have been troubled by bizarre dreams of a roaring call from the sewers beneath the town, leaving the people exhausted and frightened. Includes 5E adventure The Bellow Below.

Town: The town of Holdthorpe is not what it used to be. Ever since the arrival of a band of brothers known as The Five Rings, the entire town has been veiled in a grey haze which keeps visitors from ever leaving. Robbed of its former splendor, Holdthorpe has become a home to bandits, vagabonds, and lowlifes drawn to an arcane artifact that the Five rings hold in their possession. Includes 5E adventure Gang of Thieves.

Temple: Partway up Erodan Mountain stands the temple of a secret order, dedicated to an ancient serpent goddess. Although clandestine in nature, the priests and priestesses of this temple were many, for they guarded jealously a precious artifact that once belonged to the goddess they served. But in recent years, this order has perished, for a mysterious plight has befallen its members, and those who dare to enter are never seen again, lost amidst a hail of shrieking voices and thunder of iron. Includes 5E adventure The Serpent`s Stone.

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