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ANZAC - Rifle Platoon

ANZAC - Rifle Platoon

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Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War began with a small commitment of 30 military advisors in 1962. Lasting until the phased withdrawal begun in November 1970 was completed on January 11th, 1973. Australian forces returned briefly to aid in the evacuation of the Australian embassy during the Fall of Saigon in April of 1975. In all, 60,000 Australians served in Vietnam operations, with 521 killed, and over 3,000 wounded. Their area of Operations was the Phuoc Tuy province in III Corps near Saigon.

Includes two Command SLR teams, one Medic team, one Rifle Platoon with three Rifle Squads each with two SLR teams, two Small three-hole bases & seven Medium four-hole bases.


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