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PAVN Machine Gun Bunkers

PAVN Machine Gun Bunkers

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From captured US M-60's to Soviet, and Chinee produced RPD, RPK, TUL-1, PKM, and more. Th Viet Cong, and North Vietnamese uses defensive bunkers to protect vital areas, and staging points. Enemy defensive positions were always well-camouflaged, sited in all-round defense, mutually-supporting and with bunkers and weapon pits in depth. Quite often a system formed a star shape whilst others utilized the shape of the terrain. A system could vary from just a few to 200 bunkers, but the average was between 20 and 40, covering an area of about 150 x 200 yards. The primary reason was to  counter the ever increasing American firepower, and aircraft strikes,


Contains 3x MG Nests

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