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US OH-6 Aeroscout Platoon (Plastic)

US OH-6 Aeroscout Platoon (Plastic)

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The Hughes OH-6 Cayuse is a single-engine light helicopter designed and produced by the American aerospace company Hughes. Its formal name is derived from the Cayuse Native American tribes people while its "Loach" nickname comes from the acronym for the Light Observation Helicopter(LOH) program under which it was procured.

During 1966, the OH-6 began service with the U.S. Army, and promptly entered active combat in the Vietnam War, In theater, it was commonly operated in teams with  the Bell AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopter using so-called "hunter-killer" tactics to flush out and eliminate hostile ground targets. The OH-6 would attempt to draw enemy fire and mark targets for other platforms such as the AH-1 to attack. Reportedly, 964 out of the 1,422 OH-6As produced for the U.S. Army were destroyed in Vietnam.

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