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Mercenaries Koldun Lord Damien Korovnik

Mercenaries Koldun Lord Damien Korovnik

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Koldun Lord Damien Korovnik

Mercenary Solo
Works for the Khador Winter Korps and Orgoth Sea Raiders armies

Having fled Korsk at the height of Ayn Vanar’s purge of the Greylords, Koldun Lord Damien Korovnik found himself captured by the Orgoth at the start of their invasion. Now forced into foul servitude by the invaders, Korovnik longs for his freedom and a return to his countrymen, even if it means his certain death. Though the former Greylord fights alongside the Orgoth host, he awaits the day he can strike back against his new masters to redeem some small part of himself before meeting his final judgment.

• Powerful arcanist who attaches to his army’s warcaster. In addition to the Spell Slave special rule, Korovnik also has Blizzard and Razor Wind.

• Can immediately cast a spell after destroying an enemy model with his axe.

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