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Maya: Warband Starter Army

Maya: Warband Starter Army

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The Maya are an elite, well-trained force with warbands that usually muster fewer models. They rely on psychology rather than brute strength to stand up against more numerous foes. Maya soldiers can be exceptionally terrifying on the battlefield and most units have special rules to reflect this, making a Maya warband a daunting prospect to oppose on a Mythic Americas battlefield.

The Maya Warband Starter Army contains the core elements of a Maya warband, led by a Halach Uinic Warlord, capable warriors in both close and ranged combat, and boasting the savagery of terrifying werejaguars.

This Box Contains:

  • 1 Halach Uinic Warlord
  • 10 Calakmal Warriors with macuahuitl
  • 10 Tikal Archers
  • 3 Werejaguars
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