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M21 Mortar Carrier Half-track

M21 Mortar Carrier Half-track

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Bringing support fire to your mobile forces with the M21 Mortar carrier, ideal for winkling out that dug-in infantry!

By the middle of the war, the US Army could field legions of tanks and support vehicles, backed by the industrial might of the USA. Using their reliable M3 Half-track as a basis, they created the M21, a mobile mortar carrier that could keep up with advancing tanks and armored infantry. This useful vehicle carried the simple but effective 81mm mortar, with 97 ready-use rounds, and was crewed by a team of six men.

In general, the mortar would be carried to a firing position and deployed, however, it was not uncommon to sight and fire the mortar straight from the half-track, keeping the team on the move if needs be and sheltering from shrapnel or small arms fire. 110 M21s were built by the White Company and saw service in Western Europe, predominantly by US forces, but some were also deployed by the Free French. The best tactic in Bolt Action is to shoot and scoot before return fire catches you

This fantastic support Half-track comes complete with 1 pintle-mounted HMG, 1 hull-mounted rear-facing medium mortar, and a full decal sheet.

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