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M113A1 Medium Reconnaissance Vehicle (MRV) - Full designation Carrier, Fire Support, Full Track M113A1 (FS) The Scorpion Turret was an Australian variant similar to the M113 FSV, but using the turret from the FV101 Scorpion light tank, instead of the older turret of the Saladin armored car, that the FSV had previously used. This turret was equipped with an Image Intensifier sight for the main armaments'. This sight was the first effective passive night sight fitted to an Australian AFV, giving the MRVs a night fighting capability. 

As indicated by the designation change the MRVs were rolled as reconnaissance vehicles and issued to the Cavalry (medium reconnaissance) regiments whereas the FSVs were originally issued to APC squadrons and used to provide infantry fire support.

Includes two M113 MRV fire support vehicles, one plastic Tank Commander sprue and one Unit card.


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