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ANZAC - M113 FSV (Turrets)

ANZAC - M113 FSV (Turrets)

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The M113A1 Fire Support Vehicle (FSV) - Full designation Carrier, Fire Support, Full Track M113A1 (FS) was introduced into Australian Army units in the mid-1960s following the withdrawal of the Saladin armored car and was armed with a 76mm gun, a .30 caliber coaxial machine gun and a .30 caliber machine gun mounted on the roof of the vehicle's turret. The M113 was an interim vehicle and was replaced by the M113 Medium Reconnaissance Vehicle in the late 1970s. It was commonly referred to by RAAC crews as the "Beast".

Contains two M113 FSV Turrets and M113 Top Deck mounting plates. Requires the plastic M113 miniatures to complete.

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