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PAVN Local Resistance

PAVN Local Resistance

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Viet Cong (in Vietnamese Việt Cộng) was the name commonly used particularly in the Western Bloc to refer to the armed Vietnamese resistance group against the pro-U.S. regime in South Vietnam that played a key role during the Vietnam War.

The term is an abbreviation for Vietnam Communist, by virtue of the fact that the People”s Revolutionary Party of Vietnam was the most important component of the resistance. The term, with derogatory connotations, appeared in Saigon newspapers in early 1956 and is a contraction of the term Việt Nam Cộng-sản. The first mention for “Vietcong” was in 1957. U.S. soldiers referred to the Vietcong using the word Victor Charlie or V-C.

They successfully fought the U.S. and South Vietnamese collaborationists for nearly twenty years and remained a major military force until the end of the war in 1975 

Contains six teams

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