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PAVN Local Forces Recoilless Gun Platoon

PAVN Local Forces Recoilless Gun Platoon

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The M18 and M18A1 57mm recoilless rifles are the smallest of a family of such weapons that served the United States military from the latter stages of World War II to well into the 1980’s, if you include National Guard service. During the Vietnam War it also had the unique distinction of being used by the US and her allies as the M18A1 and by the VC and NVA as the Communist Chinese Type 36.

There were several shells developed for the M18. The standard HE (high explosive), the HE, AT (high explosive, anti-tank) which used a hollow charge for penetrating armor and a smoke round designated WP for its white phosphorus content. Interestingly, a canister shell was also fielded. This was made of thin sheet metal that contained 133 stacked steel slugs. Upon clearing the muzzle, the sheet metal cover ruptured and exposed the slugs, converting the M18 to a giant shotgun.

Contains 3 weapon teams.

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