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Githyanki - Dungeons and Dragons

Githyanki - Dungeons and Dragons

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Don’t be fooled by their elaborate decoration, as a Githyanki is a fierce warrior and deadly foe to any with the misfortune to cross its path! This 3.75” scale articulated Dungeons & Dragons ReAction Figure of a Githyanki is inspired by the 1e Fiend Folio and depicts the warrior from the Astral Plane looking ready to do battle with included Greatsword accessory. Level-up your collection of fantasy and adventure characters with the Dungeons & Dragons ReAction Figure of a Githyanki!

In Dungeons & Dragons, “The Adventure is Yours!” Super7 is celebrating adventure with the release of new Dungeons & Dragons ReAction Figures inspired by vintage cover art from the original fantasy-quest roleplaying game! Choose a Sorceress, an Efreeti, or a Githyanki to begin your quest or collect all three and weave a rich tapestry of excitement and danger for these characters to traverse! With the Dungeons & Dragons ReAction Figures, your imagination is the only limit to your adventure! 

  • Inspired by the cover of the vintage Dungeons & Dragons 1e Fiend Folio
  • A Githyanki is a warrior from the Astral Plane
  • Includes Greatsword accessory
  • 3.75” action figure with five points of articulation
  • Collect the entire lineup of Dungeons & Dragons ReAction Figures by Super7!

Figure Scale:

  • 3.75" inches
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