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Iron Cross: German Grenadier Company

Iron Cross: German Grenadier Company

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At the start of the Germans' first assault on Stalingrad on 13 September, the division drove into the heart of the city. The Luftwaffe's bombing campaign had turned most of the city to rubble, and the 295th soon found itself embroiled in vicious house-to-house fighting. Their main objective was the well-defended Mamayev Kurgan, a massive hill in the middle of the city that provided an ideal vantage point for artillery spotting and for directing the battle. It was highly valued by both Soviet and German forces, ensuring the fight for it would be a bloody one. The 295th eventually took the summit but were relentlessly subjected to Soviet sniper fire and counterattacks from the northern and eastern slopes of the hill. The fighting was savage, as the infantrymen fought with bayonets, grenades, and flamethrowers to make any headway against a determined enemy.

This Starter army boxed set includes:

• One Grenadier Company HQ
• Two Grenadier Platoons
• One Sniper Team
• Four sMG34 HMG Teams
• Four 5cm Anti-tank guns
• Four 10.5cm Howitzers
• Two 8.8cm AA Guns

• Complete A5 Flames Of War rulebook
• One German "Start Here" Guide
• Eight Unit cards.

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