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City States: Promethean / Hephaestian

City States: Promethean / Hephaestian

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When one gazes upon the wonders of a City State; its cyclopean walls, its towering cranes and smokeless foundries, one cannot help but suspect that these wonders cannot have been built by mortal hands alone.

And they would not be far wrong.

Deep within the bowels of each Acropolis reside the Prometheans, ancient Titanic allies of the Scholae and their founder, whose deep primordial knowledge is responsible for many of the wonders that allow the city states to stand.

Rare and fell is the need that rouses one of these ancients to war, for their every blow cracks the enemies will even as it empowers its allies.


While the Titans were convinced of the need to aid the Scholae and their Founder in their efforts, not all of them agreed how.

The Prometheans chose to aid them by sharing with them the secrets of creation, the Hephaestian chose a different path: that of Destruction.

Looking upon mankind and worried of what they would make of the weapons the had been gifted, the Hephaestian chose instead to become the weapons bringing their overwhelming power into the battlefield on behalf of their Mortal allies. 

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