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Blood Red Skies: Ace Pilots

Blood Red Skies: Ace Pilots

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"Gabby" Gabreski was the top USAAF fighter ace over Europe during World War II and would go on to become an Ace in the Korean War (one of only 7 US pilots to become an Ace in two different wars) and a Colonel during his 26 years of military service. 

Trained on the P-36 and P-40, Gabreski began flying sorties in the wake of Pearl Harbour to intercept further Japanese attacks, though they had withdrawn. Gabreski volunteered and was accepted (as a Captain) on RAF duty with Polish pilots of No. 315 squadron. 

On February 27, 1943, Gabreski became part of the 56th Fighter Group, flying the Republic P-47C Thunderbolt, assigned to the 61st Fighter Squadron, and achieved 28 aerial victories, a total never surpassed in the theatre by U.S pilots engaged with the Luftwaffe.

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